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1st Rede Governança Brasil Award

REDE GOVERNANÇA BRASIL - RGB is a collaborative and technically qualified group composed of public servants, teachers and specialists who work voluntarily, free of charge and jointly with the objective of disseminating good governance practices in the Brazilian Public Sector. Aiming to promote these good practices, stimulating general competences, which articulate and mobilize competences, principles, ethical performance and Governance, the GOVERNANCE BRAZIL BRAZIL AWARD was created, which aims to attribute merit to relevant performance in the public sphere of our country. The idea of the award is to honor federal public organizations that have “good” governance as a fundamental requirement for sustainable development, which incorporates social equity and also human rights to economic growth. In order to support the selection process, the concept of “good governance” and its elements is what appears in Decree No. 9.203 / 2017 and in JUDGMENT No. 2699/2018 of the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU), which deals with the results Integrated Public Organizational Governance Survey.

Purpose of the Regulation

The purpose of this Official Regulation is to establish the general rules regarding the conditions for the participation of organizations and the judgment criteria that support this regulation, and the awards that will govern this event.


Participation in this award is aimed at federal public entities, who are a reference and have stood out in the national public governance scenario, through the TCU Integrated Survey of Public Organizational Governance in 2018.

The NETWORK GOVERNANCE BRAZIL AWARD therefore consists in the annual disclosure of the list and names of public institutions, which have adopted, in their processes, practices with the objective of improving their management level in a proven manner, safeguarding their institutional relevance in the short , medium and long term

Event Coordination

The Coordination team of the REDE GOVERNANÇA BRASIL AWARD , will be responsible for monitoring, inspecting and ensuring compliance with these Official Regulations, and will be composed of:


a) Award Management Committee

b) Judging Committee


The Award Management Committee will be composed of 5 volunteer members of the Executive Board and not directors of Rede Governança Brasil.


The Judging Committee will consist of 10 members of the Brazil Governance Network.

Achievement and Objective of  award

The promotion, organization and realization of the REDE GOVERNANÇA BRASIL AWARD is an exclusive initiative of REDE GOVERNANÇA BRASIL.


All decisions regarding the Official Regulation are the responsibility of the Award Coordination, as well as other governance and Compliance bodies;


This award aims to disseminate the following objectives:


a) Encourage the dissemination and appreciation of successful Brazilian cases on GOVERNANCE;

b) Promote the recognition and appreciation of professionals and institutions;


c) To motivate, value and disseminate the best practices of public administration throughout its management cycle;


d) Recognize organizations for the broad and general implementation of governance and;


e) Promote, on a specific occasion, the disclosure of the winning organizations.

General Conditions for Participation, Selection and Judging

The public organizations listed in the results of the Integrated Survey of Public Organizational Governance - cycle 2018 ( ) will participate in the REDE GOVERNANÇA BRASIL PRIZE.

quantified by the integrated governance and management index (iGG), which demonstrate adherence to the rules and principles that govern this regulation and whose premise is to collaborate for the adoption of governance and its components throughout the Brazilian public service.


In the first stage, the first six organizations with the highest iGG indexes in the list contained in the results of the Integrated Survey of Public Organizational Governance - cycle 2018 will be selected.


For these selected organizations, extractions will be made of the organizations' complete responses, with the justification texts for confirmation of compliance.


Based on these responses, on evidence provided by the selected institutions, and on other available means, such as audits by the TCU, the Comptroller General of the Union (CGU), among others, the Judging Committee will validate the information.


After validating the information and based on the principles of public governance of Decree No. 9,203 / 2017, contained in its article 3, which will serve as criteria for judgment, the Judging Committee will define a final ranking, with the definition of the first three placed, which will be awarded.

Upon selection, participating institutions must:


a) express their agreement with the terms of that Official Regulation;

b) present the evidence informed in the Integrated Public Organizational Governance Survey - cycle 2018.


Other communications will be made through electronic correspondence, interviews, technical visits (in person and / or virtual).


A tie

In the event of a tie, both winners will be awarded.


Three organizations will be awarded the TROFÉU REDE GOVERNANÇA BRASIL.

Honorable mention

A plaque and a CERTIFICATE OF HONORABLE MENTION NETWORK GOVERNANCE BRAZIL crowning a special tribute will be given to participants who have stood out in the last year in promoting and defending public governance, whose recognition will be at the sole discretion of the Award Coordination.

Disclosure of Results

The announcement of the winners will be made at the solemnity of the day.


Any questions regarding the REDE GOVERNANÇA BRASIL AWARD will only be accepted as an appeal and received by the Award Coordination within 24 (twenty four) hours after receiving the official communication of the result;


The funds must be sent, via e-mail, to the email address;


The Award Organization will have a period of 7 (seven) working days, counted from the receipt of the appeal to render its decision; 9.4. Criticisms and suggestions regarding the NETWORK GOVERNANCE BRAZIL AWARD should be sent directly through the e-mail

General Provisions

THE COORDINATION OF THE NETWORK GOVERNANCE BRAZIL AWARD reserves the right to evaluate and resolve in the manner it deems most convenient, any unforeseen events arising from acts and facts over which it has no control, including with regard to the evaluation, judgment and award processes;


The dates and deadlines foreseen may be revised and changed, without prejudice to any of the stages of the award, in view of the need for possible adjustments and at the discretion of the prize organizers. These changes will be communicated by e-mail to all participants in the awards;


The participants of the event expressly declare that they know the terms of this Official Regulation, with which they agree and express their express and unconditional agreement;


Participants authorize the publication of the name and logo of their registered institutions.

The GOVERNANCE BRAZIL NETWORK undertakes to maintain total confidentiality on all information contained in the cases, considered as confidential;


Participants who attend the award ceremony, from now on, authorize the capture of their image through audiovisual and photographic records during that ceremony, and such records can be used in any media, print, internet, electronic and television, for the purpose of publicizing the award. ;


Rede Governança Brasil will not bear any daily and ticket costs for attending the award ceremony;


These Official Regulations may be modified, without prior notice, always aiming at the smooth progress of the various stages and suitability of the REDE GOVERNANÇA BRASIL PRIZE. The changes will be published on the award website;


Doubts or conflicts, as well as situations not provided for in this Official Regulation, will be judged by the Event Coordination, and their decisions will be sovereign and unappealable.

Information about the Governança Brasil award

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