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RGB Ambassador

The title of AMBASSADOR is a merely representative honor.
RGB AMBASSADORS do not have any managerial position.


Augusto Nardes


Gaucho, missionary, descendant of drovers, son of Brazil, exercising the position of minister of the Court of Accounts of the Union, as I have done since September 20, 2005, allows me to act in the protection of the rights not only of my people. State, but from all the people of my country. In this select collegiate where great figures from Rio Grande do Sul and Brazil have already taken their seats, I seek, every day, to honor the commitment made in the term of office, performing the duties of the office with independence and exaction, fulfilling and enforcing the Federal Constitution and the laws of the Nation, notably with regard to inspection and external control of public resources within the competence of the Union.

With a background in administration, with postgraduate and master's courses in Geneva, Switzerland, in development strategy, I am a member of Parliament and I have a taste for the ideal of serving the community, since my first election in 1972. Imbued with responsibilities from the magistracy of accounts, I had the honor of presiding over the House in the 2013-2014 period, an opportunity in which I was able to implement, among other concepts, the specialization of technical units and coordinated audits.

I also had the honor of being at the head of Olacefs in the first time that Brazil held the presidency of the Organization, created more than 50 years ago to bring together higher inspection entities in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Acting in a body of national jurisdiction and constitutional stature such as the Federal Court of Accounts is to be able to think about the future of Brazil in a global political context, not only in terms of legality, legitimacy and economicity of the acts of public administration, but also with focus on good governance, sustainability and competitiveness, in order to contribute to the country's development for the benefit of society, and for the growing aggrandizement of our Nation before the great powers of the planet.”

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