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The GOVERNANCE BRAZIL NETWORK – RGB is a collaborative and technically qualified group composed of public servants, teachers and specialists who work voluntarily, free of charge and together with the objective of disseminating good governance practices in the Brazilian Public Sector.
Aiming to promote these good practices, stimulating general competences, which articulate and mobilize competences, principles, ethical performance and Governance, the GOVERNANCE BRAZIL REDE AWARD was created , which aims to attribute merit to relevant performance in the public sphere of our country.
The idea behind the award is to reward federal public organizations that have “good” governance as a fundamental requirement for sustainable development, which incorporates social equity and human rights into economic growth. In order to support the selection process, the concept of "good governance" and its elements is contained in Decree No. 9.203/2017 and in JUDGMENT No. 2699/2018 of the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU), which deals with the results of the Integrated Public Organizational Governance Survey.


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